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i was eating spinach and cucumbers with annie's sesame and shitake… - Wednesday's word: KILL [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 19th, 2006|02:47 pm]
Creative & Free


i was eating spinach and cucumbers with annie's sesame and shitake salad dressing last night and i crunched some sand between my teeth, and it feels like i have been eating sand half of my life. scared to leave, to see new faces and missing the old ones will surely kill me. i want to cry this very second because of it. what will i do, i'm not going to make minimum wage at starbucks, i refuse to mop floors. i can deal with people alright, ok, but mopping floors is for the birds. can you imagine birds mopping floors? big wings dancing across the linoleum. i want to walk to the ocean and breathe through my hips. i want to figure this out and you know, 26 approaches. who knew? i can't focus because the emotions block any progress. how to balance? i am and have always been worried about balance. it is always too much of one thing and not enough of everything else. like boys and food and coffee and work. i need art to run miles of twine around my eyes so i can only see creativity. i get so desparate when it doesn't happen for me. i feel like i'm trying to breathe through water and we all know that only works in The Abyss. i need a straighter backbone and the ability to cry at movies. i always hold it in. i need focus and i need small goals, so everything included in the big picture doesn't seem too overwhelming. if i did it step by step i could achieve.

[User Picture]From: dandilyon5
2006-12-07 04:46 pm (UTC)

Changing the Word of the Day

I looked into it for yee.

On the top, hover your mouse over the word "Journal" then go down to "Edit Journal Style." Then you can change the word of the day!
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