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kill [Jul. 13th, 2005|02:56 pm]
Creative & Free


i would like to kill this job, this desk, this nine-to-five sun filtering through the windows, through security bars. i would like to kill this mundane life that plagues me for just about eight hours a day, less when i simply cannot stand it anymore, or i don't need the money so much. fucking weekdays.

i would like to turn up the white stripes on the radio i can tell that we are gonna be friends, yes i can tell that we are gonna be friends and not think of the heat that invades the warehouse.

i would like to kill the heat. i would like to shoot the sun out of the sky from this rolling chair that has no lumbar support whatsoever. i would like to kill my rolled up jacket that i lean on because nothing else will do.

let's demolish the buildings that we live in for too long. let's put on our bathing suits and find a cool swimming hole to bathe in. no, let's kill our bathing suits and go naked, just for the hell of it. we'll be like fish, with fins split down the center to identify ourselves on land, because there always comes that walking time.