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hello [Jul. 11th, 2005|11:05 pm]
Creative & Free

kill me kill yourself kill time kill the dog no wait...dont do that, kill your television kill the bookcase kill the front door which you never go thru kill the phone for never ringing kill the mirror for never smiling kill that boy the blonde one kill him for not loving you for not paying attention to you kill the little blue button the one on the left...yes thats where it is...kill it...stomp on it, bite it, chew it, mangle it into a thousand tiny blue pieces, put it in the backyard, dig up a space of dirt, put it in there, shove it pull it throw the dirt over, pray all night long, light candles to it, worship the torn shredded mangled blue button, then go in the house and kill every bottle of wine, through the burgundy's against yellow walls, throw the beer keg into the toilet and the pepsi bottles into the shower.

I dont know...I just felt like throwing things around.